Please note:

We stopped the support for Droid4x.

Should you still want to use it, we do not give any warranty on function.



You need the Droid4x emulator. You can download it here for Windows and here for Mac OS X

Install this emulator and start the program.

Connect with your Google Account so that you can access the Google Playstore. From there you download the app IPTV set-top-box emulator here (or the Pro version without commercials). Install this app.

Now you get from us the access data and nothing stands in the way of your TV experience incl. retrospect,


In our new version we simulate a MAG Set Top Box on your computer. All features and the look is the same as you would use a real MAG Set top box. At the moment there are some little bugs (Folder for Downloads/Recordings) which will be fixed soon. Please note that this is our version 1.0 and we are constantly working on it to improve the overall TV experience.