Smart TV

Please note:

the Smart-IPTV app is not from us. So we cannot provide support for the function of this app here. So if you have any problems with your TV reception, please check your playlist URL in the VLC player before you contact us, because if you can receive your TV program in the VLC, the fault is not with us.

If you have a SmartTV from Samsung or LG, you can set up the playlist directly on your TV and do not need a computer or box to watch the programs. However, NO review works on the SmartTV via app.

If you have already installed the Smart-IPTV on your SmartTV, click on it and follow the instructions. If not, look for it in the TV App Store.

After 1 week, you will be asked to pay € 5.49 (Smart IPTV app for older models) or € 14.99 (SET IPTV app for newer models), which is a one-off amount to continue using the app.

However, we recommend the IPTV Smarters Pro app (available in your TV’s app store)