Sie können auch auf Ihrem Android Gerät (Tablet, Smartphone, Box) unbegrenzt fernsehen.


– Kodi für Android-Geräte

Perfect Player

First download the Perfect Player on youre device.
open the Player when started go to setup and press the cogwheel for settings

Choose General:

Select playlist:

Copy past your m3u link

When you have filled it in , press Ok

Select GUI.

Tag the box next to show channels groups as folder

Go back, and press Playback:

choose decoder.

and choose for hardware, this option is different on every box. the most can work great on hardware for some the software part is better, you can try it and chage when you want.

Press back 2 time, and you will see that the program is updating the channel list:

when the channel list is loaded, you can change the channel groups with the arrows. and channel by going up and down.

when a channel is playing press ok, up or down to get back in the channel list.