Smart TV

Please note:

The App Smart IPTV does not come from us. So we can not provide support for the functionality of this app. If you are experiencing difficulties with your TV reception, please check your Playlist URL in the VLC Player before contacting us, because if they can receive their TV program in the VLC, the error is not with us.



If you have a Samsung or LG SmartTV, then you can set up your playlist directly on your TV and do not need a computer to see the programs.

If you have already installed the Smart IPTV on your SmartTV, click on it and follow the instructions. If not, contact the Support:  Contact

After 1 week, you will be asked to deposit € 5.49, which is a lump sum for continuing to use the app.

You can also change the playlist, if you enter here the MAC address of the TV and upload the playlist.